Apr 26

London Marathon 2016 – Race Report

I finished my 20th London Marathon for WaterAid in a time of 4hr48min (but we all know its not all about the time!)

I met some wonderful and wacky characters along the way and the crowd gave me all the support I needed!

I’ll include a few photos of my dash through the streets of London (which will make up for my lack of words…for now, check back in a few days and the report will be ready!)


Bagpuss meets Humphrey







Feb 18

Building up for my 20th London Marathon in 2016

Humphrey Running in his favourite Race!

I was born in 1994 to perform in a Thames Water charity pantomime Aladdin. Despite being an instant hit, the stage could not contain me. I took to running marathons for WaterAid and was hooked…

This year on the 24th April 2016 I’ll be taking to the streets of London to participate in my 20th London Marathon for WaterAid. I am looking forward to lining up alongside the friendly Rhinos and my 2 legged friends.

I have been using local races to whip myself into shape for the big day!

* Goring 10 – 13 March – Finished in 56 minutes
* Reading Half Marathon – 3rd April – Finished in 2h07 minutes
* London Marathon – 26th April –

This year I’ll be raising money for WaterAid projects in Malawi.  If you are willing and able to parter with me and to support the cause for clean water and sanitation I’d be a most grateful Camel.

Thanks for all the generous support and encouragement I have received over the years (without which we’d just be a strange men that enjoy dressing up in fur!). It has been a unique and wonderfully moving experience to see the world through the eyes of a camel.

I am truly humbled and moved by each and everyone who chooses to back this camel and support such a worthy charity. Thanks  again for your support :-)


Big Camel Hugs

(Geoff and Martin)




Apr 27

London Marathon 2015

London Marathon 2015 result

Completed in 5hrs 2mins 12secs

So far Humphrey has raised over £4100 but you can still sponsor and help him

to raise more money for WaterAid either by completing the paper sponsorship

form or going online to: www.virginmoneygiving.com/team/camelhumphrey

Thanks to everyone for all your support!

Humph and the sheik_LM2015

my sprint finish (via CamelCam), as I chased down a naked man and was being followed by a plucky Rhino!



Apr 23

BBC Sport, London Marathon 2015 Trail

BBC Sport – London Marathon 2015 Trail

I’ll be racing the Rhinos and all my two legged friends this Sunday. I can’t wait. Watch it on the BBC from 9:30am

Please consider sponsoring my run for WaterAid here http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/team/camelhumphrey

Thanks for all your support
Big Camel Hugs


(Trail courtesy of BBC Sport, Red Bee Media)

Apr 16

Island Road STW – message from Humphrey


Hi Island Road STW Team,

Thanks so much for your warm welcome and generous sponsorship for your favourite Camel.
I was really moved by all the well wishes and so chuffed that together we managed to raise £208.23 for WaterAid.

If you happened to miss the friendly furry Camel (..or you were hiding in the loo),
and you would still like to add your support for Humphrey’s dash in the London Marathon on the 26th April 2015.
Then here is a link to Humphrey online sponsorship page – http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/camelhumphrey

I am so grateful for all your support for WaterAid

Big Camel Hugs



Apr 16

Walk Fur WaterAid – Spontaneous Songs….How many Humps do I have?

Captured on CamelCam as we walked from Pangbourne to Goring on our Walk “fur” WaterAid


Apr 11

Quiz Night for WaterAid – 16th April 2015

Tis Quiz Time!

Please come along (and invite your friends) to our WaterAid Quiz Night on Thursday 16th April 7:30pm at Kennet Valley Free Church for a fun filled evening in support of WaterAid.

The Quiz Master will be our very own Ant “Sheikh-A-Leg” Tyler. He is well experienced at running quizzes, not to mention running marathons!
There will be 10 rounds of 10 questions and a short presentation on WaterAid and their work.
The cost will be £10 per team with a maximum of 4 per team (and all donations welcome).
All proceeds will go to WaterAid via Humphrey and the Thames Water marathon teams fund-raising efforts in the London Marathon 2015.

If you would be so kind as to sign up via http://bit.ly/quiznight_wateraid_form or in the Church foyer or if you are really afraid of forms then why not just surprise us all and turn up on the night! Everyone is welcome!

Hope to see you all there

Camel Hugs


Please help spread the word via our facebook event page or link to this post http://bit.ly/quiznight_wateraid_post

ps If you really really can’t make the event but would still like to support the team, then you can sponsor our London Marathon 2015 run for WaterAid via our sponsorship page on virgin money giving –  http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/camelhumphrey
Tis Quiz Night!


Apr 08

Walk “Fur” WaterAid – Come on a walk with Humphrey the Camel and Friends from Pangbourne to Goring along the River Thames – Saturday 11th April 2015

goring10_under_bridgeWalk “Fur” WaterAid with Humphrey the Camel and Friends from Pangbourne to Goring – Saturday 11th April 2015

Humphrey is running the London Marathon 2015 on 26th April 2015 to raise money and support for WaterAid projects in Bangladesh. As part of his training Humphrey would like to invite families and individuals to join him on one of his favourite scenic 4.3 mile training routes along the river from Pangbourne to Goring on Saturday the 11th April 2015 (couple of weeks away!

It will be an adventure walk with lots of banter and fun along the way, it will be a great day out for the whole family. I’d love it if you could join Humphrey and all his furry friends for the walk. Humphrey will be walking in both directions, so if you can make the morning then walk Pangbourne to Goring or join in for the afternoon leg from Goring to Pangbourne. Humphrey is not expecting you to walk both ways (unless you wish to) but it does provide options so you can plan your Saturday around the walk.

Read the details below, signup and then help spread the word:



Questions you may have for Humphrey:

Timings Mr Camel: where do I need to be, by when?

humphrey_fans9:30 – 9:45: Meet on the Pangbourne Meadow in front of the Adventure Dolphin Centre (RG8 7DA). Look out for the WaterAid signs and the furry Camel!

10:00 – 12:30: Walk Out Leg: Pangbourne to Goring (4.3 miles). Set off over Whitchurch Bridge through Whitchurch, left onto Hartslock bridleway and onto the Thames Path, through the Goring Gap all the way to Goring. This should take around 2 hours but we will allow for 2.5 hours as there is so much to see! (Camels are punctual and we will set off promptly at 10am. I don’t want your kids to be disappointed!)

12:30 – 13:30 Goring Free Church refreshments and cakes. Rest weary legs and learn about WaterAid’s work and the need for clean water and sanitation. This will be an interactive session with plenty of fun learning materials. Those who wish to join us on the afternoon walk can meet us for the teas and talk, and those who have walked the first leg can depart after the refreshments.

13:30 – 16:00 Walk Return Leg Goring to Pangbourne (4.3 miles). Walk through the Goring Gap back to Pangbourne along the river and through Whitchurch, down to the Pangbourne Meadow

16:00 Say goodbye to all my new found furry friends :-(


What will I see along the way?
The River Thames, Whitchurch Bridge, Red Brick Bridges, Railways, Horses and Camels and plenty more!

How tough is the walk?
Its 4.3 miles with a few hills but mostly along the lovely River Thames. It will take a while but the effort is nothing compared to the children who have to walk around 5 miles every day to collect clean water. Think about it this way – you will be walking the miles on their behalf :-)
Humphrey will be encouraging everyone along too…

What route are we walking?

The image shows the route we will be taking, or click the link to view on google maps


Can I leave my kids with you and go shopping?
Unfortunately not. Camels do not have peripheral vision and will not be able to keep an eye out for all the children (and rogue children tend to pull Humphrey’s tail!). Children do need to be accompanied by a responsible adult. We are encouraging families to walk together.

Whilst there is no fixed cost, Humphrey is hoping that you will be very generous in raising money to support WaterAid.
WaterAid Sponsorship Form – download the sponsorship form, to enable you to collect money from friends and family for your Walk “Fur” WaterAid. Tell all your friends and family why you are walking and ask for their support. People are very generous, don’t be afraid to ask! You can bring the sponsorship money on the day of the walk, or donate online via Virgin Money Giving – Humphrey the Camel, London Marathon 2015 . Thank you for your support.
If you have no money to give then come and help us collect along the way.
You will not be left out!

Where will the money be going?
WaterAid Bangladesh. There are 5 villages in particular we are currently raising money for that require water and sanitation schemes. You can read all about them here Why Bangladesh needs our help? Thames water will be match-funding the money we raise. So your money will go even further!

How will I get between the start and the finish?
There is a good train service linking Goring and Pangbourne which is only a short walk to the Pangbourne Meadow. If you are meeting in Goring then head to the Goring Free Church for 12:00 – 12:30

How do I sign up?
Sign up by filling in the form below or clicking the link here http://bit.ly/walkfurwateraid_signup.
Fill in the form and state how many people will be walking and which section you intend to walk.

I don’t like filling in forms but I would like to email you instead
Sure, send your email to walk4wateraid@humphreythecamel.org please include the number of adults, teenagers and children that will be walking and which leg you wish to walk. This will help with planning and catering.

Ah I cant make it but I still think you are an amazing Camel and I’d like to sponsor your London Marathon 2015 run for WaterAid:
Thanks so much, click on the link and donate generously, thanks for your support http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/camelhumphrey

I’d like more information on WaterAid
There is plenty of great information on http://www.wateraid.org

I have plenty more questions:
sure, send them to walk4wateraid@humphreythecamel.org and Humphrey will respond asap

I hope to seyes_biggeree you on the 11th April 2015 for our Walk “Fur” WaterAid

Big Camel Hugs



Run Humphrey Run!

Mar 25

London Marathon 2015 Sponsorship Please :-)

I have completed the Goring 10k and the Reading Half Marathon, now its time to step up to the big one!
I’ll be taking part in my 19th London Marathon on the 26st April for WaterAid. I will have my trusty Sheik Mustafa (Ant Tyler) to lead me on this year. Mustafa helps me at the “water holes” and warns my two legged friends that I am storming up behind them!

Please consider sponsoring this old camel in support of WaterAid projects in Bangladesh. The money will be put towards the Thames 4 Bangladesh programme serving four towns most in need of clean water and sanitation services. Your donation will have a big impact on peoples lives.

Please donate now via my Sponsorship Page on Virgin Money Giving (its quick safe and secure, and all proceeds go to WaterAid).

You may also spot me visiting a few offices around Reading to collect cash. If you do spot me please say hello and give generously.

Thank you so much
Big Camel Hugs
(Geoff, Martin and Ant)

London Marathon 2015 Humphrey’s Sponsorship Page (Virgin Money Giving)

Mar 23

Reading Half Marathon 2015 – Race Report

I finished the Reading Half in 2:02:20 (time isn’t everything, unless you are a runner!)

And we are off...!

And we are off…!

I had a fantastic day racing through the streets of Reading. The crowds were fantastic. Hopefully you get a glimpse of the cheers and support I received from the excellent Camel Cam footage Abu managed to shoot from his perch on my rear hump! Thank you Reading, you really spurred me on…

Thanks to everyone who cheered and donated on the day. You too can lend your support by donating online (please consider it if you can). I am raising money for water and sanitation projects in Bangladesh. All donations will be match funded by Thames Water, so it’s s a great investment opportunity! Where else can you get a 100% return for your hard earned cash? It would make a real difference and lasting impact for a village in Bangladesh. Thanks so much Virgin Money Giving – Humphrey’s sponsorship page for WaterAid.

Excitement Before the Start!

Plenty of photos and selfies!

Plenty of photos and selfies!


Fantastic crowd support right round the course!

Fantastic crowd support right round the course!

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