Humphrey Q&A

Who's at the top of Cribyn!

  • Date of birth::
December 1993
  • Occupation::
Mascot, heart-throb and furry sauna
  • Employer::
Thames Water
  • Where did you first come across WaterAid?:
From the day I was first sewn I have been a WaterAid supporter
  • Why have you chosen to raise funds for WaterAid?:
Because every step will bring someone closer to a better life
  • Why the London Marathon?:
The whole thing just wouldn’t be the same without me…
  • What will you most miss giving up?:
The love and affection of my girlfriend, Deirdre the Dromedary.
  • How Many Times have you run the London Marathon?
I have run (well shuffled) 18 times round the great course from 1996 to 2014 (missed 2003 due to a rear leg knee trouble)
  • What training program are you following?:
The ‘Hump-Free’ Training Plan
  • Greatest ambition::
To break my (unofficial) world marathon record for a pantomime camel of 4hours 37minutes (2005)
  • Greatest fear::
Popping some vital stitches during the race!
  • Favourite quote::
You never know the worth of water till your well runs dry
  • Final word to your supporters::
Marathons are hard; doing it in tandem while wearing a furry camel suit is insane – show your appreciation folks!

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