Feb 18

Building up for my 20th London Marathon in 2016

Humphrey Running in his favourite Race!

I was born in 1994 to perform in a Thames Water charity pantomime Aladdin. Despite being an instant hit, the stage could not contain me. I took to running marathons for WaterAid and was hooked…

This year on the 24th April 2016 I’ll be taking to the streets of London to participate in my 20th London Marathon for WaterAid. I am looking forward to lining up alongside the friendly Rhinos and my 2 legged friends.

I have been using local races to whip myself into shape for the big day!

* Goring 10 – 13 March – Finished in 56 minutes
* Reading Half Marathon – 3rd April – Finished in 2h07 minutes
* London Marathon – 26th April –

This year I’ll be raising money for WaterAid projects in Malawi.¬† If you are willing and able to parter with me and to support the cause for clean water and sanitation I’d be a most grateful Camel.

Thanks for all the generous support and encouragement I have received over the years (without which we’d just be a strange men that enjoy dressing up in fur!). It has been a unique and wonderfully moving experience to see the world through the eyes of a camel.

I am truly humbled and moved by each and everyone who chooses to back this camel and support such a worthy charity. Thanks  again for your support :-)


Big Camel Hugs

(Geoff and Martin)




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