Mar 02

Humphrey the Camel at the Goring 10k & Reading Half Marathon

It’s about time Humphrey got back out amongst the running crowd and what better race to do it than the Goring 10k & Reading Half Marathon. These are races that Humphrey uses to warm up for the London Marathon… they are good races to run and this year was no exception…and Mustafa joined in too !
Goring 10k
We got to the race early so that he could meet a few old friends. At the start we had our photo taken with many of the co-runners and then it was time for the off !!

Whilst it was a dry day it was extremely windy which made it difficult for Humphrey as he doesn’t like the wind ! Both Mustafa and I said hello to many of the runners that we passed on the course although it did seem that some were not pleased to see us… I can’t think why !

After 53 minutes we crossed the finish line and had a few more photo’s taken – then it was time to go home and have a rest.

Reading Half Marathon

After a bit more training both Mustafa and Humphrey were ready to take on the Reading Half Marathon – but would it all pay off ?

There were a few more people running this year so I was glad when the hooter went for the start of the race as we were getting squashed ! It was great to see some old friends again and thank you for the good luck messages both beforehand and on the way around the course. Thankfully the weather stayed dry (camels don’t like the rain) and it wasn’t too windy and we managed to finish in 2hrs and 5 minutes – certainly faster than last year !

At the end of the race whilst after we had crossed the finishing line both Mustafa and I were asked some questions by people with microphones – why did they ask me ? don’t they know camels can’t talk ! (although they can write blogs for a website…). Thanks Mustafa for being my minder on the day and also helping to collect donations to WaterAid on the way round – that bucket looked very heavy ! (and thank you to all those people who cheered for us on the way round and kindly donated too)…

See you all again next year…

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