Apr 22

London Marathon 2007

After my 10th London Marathon last year – I thought ‘why not give it another go ?’ so I did ! It was a bit of a warm one this year though…

Humphrey’s 2007 London Marathon blog

Brrriiiinnngggggggg !! (yaaawwn)  half past 5 !!! must be time for another London Marathon !!

The day was going well until, standing on the platform at Canary Wharf, the tannoy announced that the trains to Greenwich had been cancelled! What was Humphrey to do? Being quick of hoof looked for the nearest exit and headed off to London Bridge to get the overland to the start line.

The weather forecasts said it was going to be a hot day and they weren’t wrong! Even though Humphrey’s used to the warmer climate (it was like being back home!) even he was feeling the heat as the sun began to beat down on the on the expectant throng of runners eager to get the 2007 London Marathon under way….

From the off, Humphrey couldn’t believe all the support he was receiving from his supporters, friends and everyone else who’d turned out for the big day (thankyou everyone!). It certainly made the 26.2 miles so much more bearable and even though it took longer than he was hoping, saying hello and chatting to everyone along the way made it go much quicker.

5 hours and 20 something minutes later Humphrey had the finish line in his sight and with the crowds on both sides cheering everyone running down Birdcage Walk made his final push for his record 10th marathon (well, how many other camels have you seen running a marathon?!) At last, completed!!

After the photos and interviews it was off to visit his friends at WaterAid to tell them of the days great adventure and to finally rest his weary hooves and get a much-needed massage!! (you’ll have to visualise that yourselves as there are no surviving photo’s !).

And then it was off home to rest and get ready for Humphrey’s next outing – walking along the length of the River Thames (Thames Path Challenge) – all 186 miles! Keep an eye out for him in May and don’t forget to say hello if you meet him along the way – and make a donation to WaterAid whilst your at it!

P.S – many thanks to Bob ….., who kept Humphrey company along some of the marathon route!)

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