Feb 26

Goring 10k, 2006

I took part in a super 10k race in Goring this morning (Sunday 26th Feb 2006). I was a bit unsure of the offroad sections but a kind marshal informed me the bridleway is fit for horses so it must be ok for camels too! It was a cold morning for the humans and I was glad to have a layer of fur. I started slowly at the back (to give others a chance) but quickly found my rhythm up the first few climbs.  The course was very rural with virtually no traffic to speak off. The scenery is stunning and everyone was so friendly..

Thank you to all the organisers and residents of Goring for putting on a great race. I was chuffed to learn that the money rased through the event will be going into help buy some new facilities for Goring Primary School – wish you all the best. I’ll be back next year (if you let me in..)

[update: read an official race report on icberkshire.co.uk]

Big Camel Hugs

[ps if someone has a few photos of the event I’d like to share a bit of the atmosphere with my readers (fans)]

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