Apr 18

London Marathon 2004

The London Marathon is really the highlight of my year. This would be my 8th attempt at this great event and I was reading to break my personal best – 5hrs20

Simon Perry and Tim Lenderyou were my legs and I was supported by Geoff Clark (as “Mustafa”).

There was a bit of panic on the day of the race as I had been locked away in Simon’s car. Fortunately the keys were found and I rushed over to the start. The gun had long gone but I could slip into the masses who were patiently snaking there way towards the start line, we were off (no time for a warm up or Camel stretch).

London Marathon 2004 - Humphrey the Camel at the start

At the Start (hey lets get going the race has started.....)

After the initial rush of adrenaline I settled back into an 11 minute mile pace. The cheers of support along route were truly superb and kept me going. We felt strong and passed a few Wombles, Rhino’s, chicken & egg, giant shoe.

The cool weather helped me quite a bit, although the rain stuck to my furr!

16 mile mark

We had time for a photo shoot with a magazine company – never found out which one but I was I was asked to snuggle up close to some beautiful ladies.

I even had time to have a chat to Sally Gunnell (BBC) about WaterAid along the embankment before my final push toward the line and sneak under 5hours – 4hr58. (check out the video with highlights and interview below)

I was well pleased with my run and hopefully managed to bring a smile to a few people along the way.


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