Apr 24

London Marathon 2006, Humphrey finishes his 10th!

Humphrey has done it again – on Sunday 23 April he finished his 10th London Marathon – and he didn’t just finish while it was still daylight, but he crossed the line before 5 pm. Not bad for a camel who made his first appearance way back in 1996.

We sent our intrepid reporter to follow Humphrey’s progress through the day (you can also view my race highlights video here)::

humphrey having difficulty sleepingThe night before each marathon is always difficult for Humphrey.  He just can’t sleep knowing that the following day is going to be so exciting…………
And then, on the great day itself Humphrey joined the start at the special place where they put the “Elite Furry Animal runners”  (ie right at the very back in Greenwich Park).

Rhino'sIt’s always a good idea to keep the rhinos where you can see them – those horns are sharp !
This year, Humphrey had the distinction of being the very last animal or person to cross the start line. So with 26 miles to go and no one behind him, his position could only get better…
Of course, Humphrey wasn’t the only famous person (or animal / thing) on the course. He met quite a few along the way. Sadly, we don’t have photos of the Dalek and the marching RAF Regiment who accompanied Humphrey for several miles.

Superman and Superwomanthe womblesAnd we shouldn’t forget that Humphrey’s main race is often against the people who dismantle the mile stations and paint out the blue marker-line on the road, (Humphrey was the clear winner this year). With a special mention for all of the unsung heroes who run at Humphrey’s pace near the back of the field – ordinary people running or walking for charities and those with disabilities – who can’t go fast and so rarely get to be seen on TV.

Dragonladies on the runThe race itself – went really well for the first 10 miles or so – Humphrey was running at quite a reasonable pace and averaging 11 minute miles even in the rain, until (old) Jeff’s hip ‘went’- and then needed a regular intake of ibuprofen to keep things going. 
Fortunately (young) Geoff in the front was able to adapt to a slower pace than normal – here he is in the right-hand photo – with Humphrey playing to the crowd as usual.

Birdcadge Walk

Nearly there – but how can Birdcage Walk be so long when you can see the finish only ½ mile away………………..

finished at lastFinished at last !!!!Helen (6hrs 53min, but who’s counting)

Many thanks to Felicity -Humphrey’s belly dancer, to his supporters who saw him through and picked him up at the finish – Helen, Michelle, Elaine, Jackie and Matt and of course most thanks go to WaterAid for encouraging Humphrey to run each year and for the wonderful work they do – bringing water and sanitation to the places that need it most in the world.
And thanks to our main photo-grapher on the day (Helen)

clapped out

Clapped out at the finish and dumped on the pavement – all the thanks you get after running 26 miles !!

This was Jeff’s one-off-never-to-be-repeated return for Humphrey’s 10th marathon – who will pick up the challenge next year???

And finally – a big thank you from Humphrey to all of his sponsors (if we haven’t caught up with you yet, you can pay your sponsorship online if you have not already done so). Big Camel Hugs Humphrey x

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