Apr 19

London Marathon 2011

Mustafa and Humphrey the Camel at 8 Miles

On Sunday the 17th April 2011 I ran my 15th London Marathon for WaterAid.

I lined up at the back of the Red start in pen 9 with my friends the Rhino’s, a Lion, and a whole herd of Humans. The air was thick with nervous energy. My Sheik Mustafa (Ant Tyler) ran alongside to guide me round the course, warn humans of my presence and to keep my humps well watered.

I passed a giant snail (I was careful not to squash him) and shuffled through Greenwich Park towards the start line with the masses. The Kenyans had built up quite a lead by the time we reached the start line 25 minutes later, and knew I’d have a job on to catch the leaders. There was a bit of cloud cover for the first couple of miles and I settled into a 10 minute mile pace and was feeling quite comfortable. Then the sun burnt the clouds away and it started to get hot and humid.

All was well until I hit a bit of a wall at 15 miles and was really pleased to see my supporters and take a break at the 18 mile mark. After stocking up on jelly babies I trotted along. By this time I was taking on water just about every mile and Mustafa did his best to look after me. I was forced to walk a bit, but the crowd roared and got me going again. The atmosphere running down Embankment was electric and really spurred me on to build up to a final sprint finish (see BBC Marathon Highlights (48min30-34seconds)). I finished in a time of 4hrs 58min.

I am trying to find all the right words to describe my day but am such an emotional camel right now. I am so privileged to have been given another opportunity to run in this Great British event.

Thanks so much to all my sponsors, supporters and crowd that got behind me in such a big way on the day. I am really blown away by your support and generosity.

Big Camel Hugs
Your Furry Friend

ps its not too late to sponsor me if you missed out http://www.virginmoneygiving.com/HumphreytheCamel )

Credit to Katie Russel, Paul Konig, Georgie Scott, Brenda McIlwraith, Ross Holdsworth, Steve Hunnisett, ianduffy for training their lenses to my fur and taking the photos below. Enjoy

Andy and Humphrey all smiles at the Start
Photo Credit: Paul Konig

Striding purposefully to the start
Striding purposefully to the start
Photo Credit: Katie Russell

Our proud supporters
Our proud supporters
Photo Credit: Paul Konig

Mustafa (Ant) and Humphrey pose at the 8
Mustafa (Ant) and Humphrey pose at the 8 mile mark
Photo Credit: Georgie Scott/WaterAid

Humphrey the Camel avoids a Lion
Avoiding a Lion
Photo Credit:Steve Hunnisett (Flickr)

London Marathon 2011
Don’t look back
Photo Credit: Ross Holdsworth (Flickr)

Taking a brief walk.
Photo Credit: ianduffy (Flickr)

18 miles done and knackered
18 miles done and knackered

Finished - Geoff Humphrey and Martin
Job done, Race Complete
Photo Credit: Brenda McIlwraith, WaterAid

Geoff Humphrey and Martin

All Smiles
Photo Credit: Brenda McIlwraith, WaterAid

Thank you again for your support!

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