Apr 22

London Marathon 2013

Headline: I finished my 17th London Marathon in a time of 4hrs48min!

After a 5am start, muesli and chaufered drive (for top althetes) into London, I made my way the Greenwich and the Red start. Before I could stretch and warm up the paparazzi were gathering round and everyone wanted my picture and a quick interview. A young gent from Sky News came bounding over to me and asked me for a few of my thoughts on the big day that lay ahead ahead.

Sky news Interview

I headed over to my starting “pen 9” (hey aren’t they for sheep), only to find I was right at the back of the field. There were no Kenyans in sight, oh well I was in good company with a feathered friends and plenty of nervous two legged beings. We started shuffling forward toward the start line and we were off…

I met the impressive marching paratroopers a shark, tiger, elvis and so many friendly faces long the way. The crowd cheered me all the way round. I started to feel fatigue at 18miles but managed to push through. I wanted to get under 5hrs and when I spotted the Houses of Parliment in the distance I knew I only had two miles to go. I dug deeper and looked in the eyes of the crowd shouting my name and spurring my on. I finished in 4hrs48min and met a smiling Ed Balls at the finish line (I passed him last year so I think he was satisfied with his race).

Together we have raised £2517 so far for WaterAid Banagladesh (am really pleased). If you would like to add your support you can do so online at my Virgin Money Giving page

Thank you so much for your support for WaterAid. It really does mean a great deal.

Big Camel Hugs
(Geoff, Martin and Ant)

More Photos on race day:
>Flickr – London Marathon 2013
>Facebook Photos of the Day

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