Mar 06

Reading Half Marathon 2005

I took to the streets of Reading with 12 500 runners on the 6th March 2005.

I was lucky enough to be supported by two beautiful belly dancers, Nicola Stapells and Jo Wiser. They were a great help in getting water to my humps, directing me through the crowds and carrying a bucket for charity….

It was a bitterly cold day (I was lucky to be in fur) so it was important to make sure that I warmed up properly. I didn’t forget to stretch!

There was a delay to the start but there was a good atmosphere amongst all the runners and I had a good chat…couldn’t wait for the gun to go

The cold weather did not keep the crowds away. My race tactic was to start out at 11 minute mile pace, but was tempted to speed up when the Caterpillar came steaming past me. Elvis keep me entertained with his tunes and I had a good laugh with Digger (the London Irish wolf). The band in Green Park did a great job (keep those fingures moving…), I just had to stop and dance for a little while.

As I entered the stadium to the cheer of the crowd I made a dash for the line in a finishing time of 2hrs 38min in 8499th place.  Watch Humphrey and his girls make a dash for final the finish line in the Madejski stadium


I thoroughly enjoyed the race, a big thank you to the organisers, sponsors and marshals out on the course. The race just gets better and better each year…

My belly dancers collected £40.10 including a few interesting coins – a US quarter dollar, 10 Barbados cents and an interesting 6-penny coin from 1966. Any coin collectors out there?

Well done to all the competitors and supporters who lined the streets to cheer the athletes on. Thank you…

That was a great race leading up to the London Marathon on 17th April 2005. Bring it on….cant wait to take to the streets of London.

Be sure to get hold of a copy of the Reading Evening Post and read the race report (Thursday 10th March). It is full of good photos of the race including one of me!

There is a good selection of photos of the race on the BBC Berkshire web site, including one of our fellow WaterAid runners Oliver Harrison (well done buddy).

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