Apr 18

Reading Half Marathon 2006 – PB at 2:06

Sorry for the delay in writing my race report….my padded feet are a little tender after the run which is affecting my typing…..anyway here goes.

I really enjoyed my dash around Reading on the 9th April. The field was bigger and crowd louder than previous years. I took up my position at the start amongst the 2:10 athletes which seemed an awfully long way back (more humans to pass). The gun went (so I was told) and we waited for a good few minutes before getting moving. The crowd quickly thinned and I was able to settle into my 9 minute mile pace.

Humphrey and Nics - Reading Half Marathon 2006

Humphrey and Nics - Reading Half Marathon 2006

My beautiful belly dancer (Nics) kept me well watered and cleared the path ahead. I took a quick pitstop in McDonald’s which was a new experience for me (I hope those weren’t camel steaks)

I put in a 7:50 at the 9 mile mark which put one of my humps a little out of joint….sense was quickly restored. I struggled a bit round Green Park, but the rhythmic beat of a few drummers kept me going (thanks guys).

I entered the stadium to the hear the roar of the crowd, I just had to put on a bit of a sprint (chasing a few terrified runners home..)

I was very satisfied with 2h06min which is my camel PB for a Half. Bring on London (under a week to go..).

Thanks to all my supporters and sponsors. I am overwhelmed by your generosity. Humphrey x

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