Apr 26

Virgin London Marathon 2010 (Humphreys 14th)

Go Humphrey Go

Humphrey finished his 14th London Marathon in a time of 4h49min. It was a great race…..

Humphrey had the pleasure of meeting Abel Kirui (Kenyan World Marathon Champion) on Friday near Tower Bridge. He knew the competition would be stiff. Abel said there were lots of Camels in Kenya, but he had not yet met one in London. He wished us well in our race, something told me we would not be seeing Abel on race day. He looked lean and mean, and came 5th on Sunday in a time of 2h5min

Humphrey started quite near the back of ‘pen’ 9 and jostled for position with the Rhino’s who sneaked round on the right hand side just before the start line. A group of happy skiers also pulled alongside, they looked cheerful enough but it would be a long race for them (a few days I am sure).

The early rain was welcome relief although Humphrey’s fur soaked it up and let off a little steam as the day wore on. The rain cleared by the 4 mile the heat picked up. Humphrey had time for a quick interview with the BBC (see link below) near the Cutty Sark , and ran steadily up until half way.

Humphrey’s rear hump took a little strain for a while but pushed through the pain. He had a lot of encouragement from a friendly Caterpillar (team including Princess Beatrice), and plenty of cheers and roars of support from the crowd. They were great as always and kept Humphrey well motivated :-)

Thanks to all our supporters and sponsors and everyone on the day that made it such a success.

Well done Virgin for putting on such a great event, Humphrey will be back next year for his 15th!

Big Camel Hugs

– BBC News – “Thousands run for charity in fancy dress”. 2 minute clip including Richard Branson, the Caterpillar, Humphrey’s brief interview and other fancy dress runners on the BBC website:-)

– BBC iPlayer – London Marathon Highlights. Watch it, it will inspire you to run next year. Look for a shot of Humphrey running down the mall at 48min 50sec (show is 1 hour long)

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