Feb 04

Sponsoring Humphrey, Options

{mosimage}Thank you for choosing to partner with us in helping those in need, your gift is valued. Your donation will be used to help bring water, sanitation and hygiene education to people in Africa and Asia.

I like to keep my sponsors happy so if you have any specific wishes be sure to email me any questions or requests and I’ll see what I can do.

Sponsorship options: Justgiving.com, Cheque, Cash

1) Sponsor Humphrey through justgiving.com (prefered option)
If you are a UK tax payer the government will give WaterAid 28p from every £1 donated through the Giftaid scheme. It is a secure means of donating using your credit/debit card online. The money will go direct to WaterAid.

2) Cheques can be also made out to "WaterAid" and sent to:

Humphrey the Camel
Technical Information

Thames Water
Clearwater Court
Vastern Road

3) If you spot me wandering round the streets of Reading or at a Marathon you can always stop me and sign my paper sponsorship form (stop me I may smell but I don’t bite or spit) 

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