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Apr 22

London Marathon 2013

2013 London Marathon Start on the BBC

Headline: I finished my 17th London Marathon in a time of 4hrs48min! After a 5am start, muesli and chaufered drive (for top althetes) into London, I made my way the Greenwich and the Red start. Before I could stretch and warm up the paparazzi were gathering round and everyone wanted my picture and a quick …

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Apr 23

London Marathon 2012

Humphrey in full flight

I finished my 16th London Marathon for WaterAid in 4hrs59min. Was a super day… I’ll try write a full race report once my feet have recovered! Thanks for all the support and well wishes. We are up to £3815 and would love to hit the £4000 mark. If you would like to contribute to a …

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Apr 19

London Marathon 2011

On Sunday the 17th April 2011 I ran my 15th London Marathon for WaterAid. I lined up at the back of the Red start in pen 9 with my friends the Rhino’s, a Lion, and a whole herd of Humans. The air was thick with nervous energy. My Sheik Mustafa (Ant Tyler) ran alongside to …

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Apr 26

Virgin London Marathon 2010 (Humphreys 14th)

Humphrey finished his 14th London Marathon in a time of 4h49min. It was a great race….. Humphrey had the pleasure of meeting Abel Kirui (Kenyan World Marathon Champion) on Friday near Tower Bridge. He knew the competition would be stiff. Abel said there were lots of Camels in Kenya, but he had not yet met …

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Apr 22

3 days to Marathon day

It’s only 3 days to my 14th London Marathon. The excitement and Camel butterflies are starting to fly :). Should be a great day, its the highlight of my year My preparation is complete, I went for a last run along the Thames on Sunday (Pangbourne to Wallingford and back). I’ll be registering on Friday …

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Apr 13

Humphrey’s 12th London Marathon – it doesn’t get any easier !

Rain was due for the big day and despite undertaking months of gruelling training Humphrey was not looking forward to running 26 miles and 385 yards as a soggy camel…

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Apr 22

London Marathon 2007

After my 10th London Marathon last year – I thought ‘why not give it another go ?’ so I did ! It was a bit of a warm one this year though…

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May 02

London Marathon 2006, Humphreys Race

Clips from stages of my run in the London Marathon 2006. Me at 6, 11, 18 mile marks and coming down the home straight! Good thing I brough my own camera crew, thanks Helen & Michelle. You can also read my race report {mosmedia}

Apr 24

London Marathon 2006, Humphrey finishes his 10th!

Humphrey has done it again – on Sunday 23 April he finished his 10th London Marathon – and he didn’t just finish while it was still daylight, but he crossed the line before 5 pm. Not bad for a camel who made his first appearance way back in 1996. We sent our intrepid reporter to …

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Mar 29

London Marathon 1996, Daily Star – “Desert Storm: Scorching weather brings out a Camel”


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